Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats Unlimited
Year 2000 USMI Seal team Warfare RHIB with twin 470H.P. Catapillar Diesels and FF280 KaMeWa Jetdrives (Rolls Royce)  Less than 300 hours on drivetrain..

Year 2000 11 Meter USMI Inc.  Seal Team Rigid Hull inflatable boat.  Less than 300 hrs on reconditioned twin 470 HP Caterpillar 3126 Diesels ( Not the FAPS soft blocks!) with Twin Disc Transmission.  The Drives are FF 280 KaMeWa Rolls Royce Jet Drives.  This Vessel has a Kevlar reinforced glass body and was intended to be dropped out of a C 130 aircraft, (This should denote its structural integrity! Electronics are New VHF radio and 4KW Furuno VX2 color radar, chart plotter, fish finder and video card with a camera in the engine compartment.  Cruising speed is 35 Knots and can reach 48+ Knots.  What makes this vessel so amazing is its reliability, maneuverability, and its performance in heavy sea conditions! This boat has the ability to come to a full stop in a matter of seconds and a turning capability that is unbelievable!  Another great feature of the jet drives, is its ability to move or walk sideways, which makes it so easy to dock. The vessel comes with a hydraulic tilt and lift trailer, triple axles brakers and  fully galvanized, $44,000 new!  Original price for this vessel is $850,000!!


What’s New:


All New Gauges:  Mechanical Raw water, oil pressure and Boost.  New Pyros, Trans temp, water temp, volts, fuel pressure, and Engine water temp, all of which is VDO.  Aetna Digital Tachs


New and bigger fuel tanks   100 gallons each ( 200 gallons total) Tanks made by IMCO.

New VHF radio

New Flooring and 1 inch thick Ensolite foam for shock resistance.

New Batteries and boxes 8-D x2

Engine Sound proof

Seat Cushions

Nav Lighting and varies switches have been replaced on the dash.



What’s Rebuilt:



Hydraulic Pumps

Drive Seals

Turbos and Injectors


FF 280 KaMeWa Drives

       New Impeller housings $5000.00

       New Bearings and Seals


This boat is reconditioned, sea trialed and ready for action! I have fully serviced the vessel including changing the hydraulic filters and oil for the drives, transmission oil and engine oil, filters and fuel filters have been changed.  The cooling system has been rodded and pressure tested. All belts tensioned, water impellers replaced, seastrainer baskets replaced etc. Whether your in the Dive business, Ocean Rafting, film business, Snorkeling tours, Security or just want a boat that people won’t leave you alone while tying up at the dock, this boats a great buy.  www.rhibunlimited.com 310-308-6951 Todd or contact@rhibunlimited.com.  The boat has been currently Surveyed and is insurable thru Progessive Insurance.



35'11" (11 Meters)

Beam (Inflated Tube)
            (Deflated Tube)

10'7" (3.2 Meters)
8'9" (2.6 Meters)

Maximum Draft

2'11" (0.9 Meters)

Operating Draft

1'8" (0.5 Meters)

Maximum Speed

45+ Knots

Cruise Speed

35+ Knots


18,000 lbs (8,164 kg)

Hull Construction

FRP (Composite)


(2) 3126B Caterpillar Diesel Engines, 470 HP @ 2950 RPM with KaMeWa / Rolls Royce Waterjets

Crew / Pax

Up to 13 Total



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